Hello people. At last, the new and improved site is up.

This is the link to the site people.


Please continue to follow us. ^_^


The new site will be more organized and will be more accesible. ^_^


here’s the site: 



If any request is done, please send your requests to this email address:  yoshikahanabusa@yahoo.co.jp


Thank you so much and see you in the new site.  ^^


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New Changes.

May 12, 2009

Well, we have been busy with a lot of things. Please bare with us. 

We have already read your requests and we are trying our best to grant your requests.

One of the adminitrators here have made a new account in Blogger so that it’s going to be more organized than before.


We’ll be updating you about it and we might be using that more than here. ^_^


Thank you so much!


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