Songs of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

1. Mirotic

2. Wrong Number

3. Noeul Baraboda

4. Crazy Love

5. Hey! (Don’t Bring me Down)

6. Nun Naye Norae

7. Moojigae

8. Nagwon

9. Angnyeo (Are you a good girl?)

10. Flower Lady

11. Ijhyeojingyejeol

12. Love in the Ice (Korean)

13. Trick

14. No

15. Forever Love

16. Ride On

17. Darkness Eyes

18. Last Angel (ToHoShinKi Version)

19. Clap!

20.  Love in the Ice (Japanese Version)

21. Forever Love (Acapella)

22. Kissu Shita Mama Sayonara

23. Purple Line

24. Dead End (STY Gin ‘n’ Tonic Mix)


25. Purple Line (Less Vocal)

26. Zion (Zero G Mix)

27. Bolero (Subaru Movie OST)

28.Kiss the Baby Sky

29. Insa (JaeJoong Version (A Millionaire’s First Love OST)

30. Hug (Japanese) (Acapella)

31. Insa (DBSK Version)

32. Dangerous Mind

33. Sky (TVP UTA’s Mix)

34. Beautiful Thing

35. Hi Ya Ya

36. Miss You

37. Somebody to Love (Acapella)

38. Triangle

39. Try My Love

40. Drive

41. Hug (Sexy version clip)

42. Last Angel (Koda Kumi ft. Tohoshinki)

43. Miduhyo (Acoustic Version)

44. My Page (Xiah Junsu Solo)

45. Proud (Acapella)

46. Shine

47. Step by Step

48. ToHoShinKi Acapellas

49. Give Up (Junsu Solo)


Songs of Chatmonchy

1. 迷迷ひつじ

2. Daidai (Full) (Bleach Ending Song)

3. Kaze

BoA Music Downloads

March 4, 2009

Songs of BoA

1. Eat You Up

2. Moon and Sunrise

Some Songs of Hamasaki Ayumi-sama

1. Talkin’ to Myself

2. Fly High (VooDoo Remix)

3. Whatever

4. Fly High

Songs of Asian Kung-Fu Generation

1. Rewrite

2. After Dark (Full) (Bleach Opening)

3. Aru Machi no Ganju

4. Mirai no Kakera

5. Yuigahama Kite

6. Sono Wake wo

7. Yuugure no Aka

Songs of Aqua Timez

1. Niji

2. Yasashii Kioku

3.  Honto wa ne

4. Alones (TV Size) (Bleach Opening Song)

5. Alones (Full) (Bleach Opening Song)

6. Velonica (TV Size) (Bleach Opening Song)

Arashi Music Downloads

March 3, 2009

Some songs of Arashi

1. Beautiful Days

2. Love So Sweet (Hana Yori Dango 2 Live Action OST)

3. One Love

4. Believe

5. Kumori Nochi Kaisei

6. Wish (Hana Yori Dango 1 Live Action OST)

Different Songs of Otsuka Ai


1. Rocket Sneaker

2. OnexTime

3. Peach (Hana Kimi Japan OST)

4. Sakuranbo

5. Planetarium (Hana Yori Dango OST)


March 3, 2009

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